Residential — Glebe Mixed Use

Glebe Mixed Use

  • WAF 2014 High Commendation

Fox Johnston in collaboration with Nettleton Tribe

Subject to a limited design competition, this project provided our practice with a significant opportunity to continue the diversification of local housing types across Sydney. Most importantly – housing stock that is tailored to address decreasing household sizes, sustainability and affordability pressures.

Fronting onto Wentworth Park in the locality of Glebe, the site enjoys uninterrupted and expansive views north to the park and east to the city skyline. The design of the project was informed by a number of key aspects, including the site’s aspect, microclimate and topography and the provision of privacy for both the apartment occupants and adjacent properties.

Our design response involves two distinct building volumes wrapping around the north, east and west perimeters. These buildings are split by a central urban street – providing a though site link from Wentworth Road. The buildings have been carefully modulated to maximise view exposure and northern sunlight into all apartments with efficient planning providing excellent cross ventilation, sunlight filtration and outlook. Access to all apartments are via light-filled breezeways doubling as public streets – thus providing an open dialogue with the building and offering a sense of community for the occupants.

The building is designed to activate and enliven Wentworth Park Road to the north as well as provide high quality, sustainable residences that provide a visually intriguing backdrop to Wentworth Park. Lobby spaces at ground level are dramatic in their height and spatial configuration providing an enlivened edge to the public domain and Wentworth Park Road. Ground level retail spaces – sitting within the brick podium – are envisaged as cafes / wine bar / bookstore and open onto the central urban street and through site link creating an invigorated public space.