Selected Projects

The Felix

Overlooking Sydney Airport, the Felix Hotel at Mascot turns the ‘short stay’ hotel stereotype on its head, offering a unique and distinctly different hotel experience to today’s ‘digital nomad’ traveller, while evoking the ‘golden era’ of air travel in the 1960’s.

From the outset we felt it was crucial to make a striking building – one that would stand out from the other more traditional hotel offerings in the area, and that provided a clear sense of identity that eschews the traditional idea of the impersonal ‘lobby in the ground foyer’ concept.

We opted to relocate the reception and public spaces on the top floor with a double height glazed penthouse reception reminiscent of New York’s ‘Boom Boom Room’, with a carefully articulated rooftop volume or ‘sky lobby’ designed as a congregation place, offering expansive views south across Botany Bay and the airport, and north and east to the city.

Generously embracing its location, the 150-room hotel tips its hat to an Australian mid-century aesthetic, while offering its guests a unique perspective of the airport’s working runways. A strong sculpted form with a jutting corner facing the airport, the unique podium achieves the sense of the hotel as a destination.

“The Felix was designed with the modern traveller in mind… to create a rich and convenient experience close to the airport” – Michael Smith, Group Operations Manager at 8hotels.